People working on data analisys

Quality or Quantity

by Sarah Newport • October 30, 2017

The age-old problem of quality versus quantity always raises its head when planning user tests. Should you be testing a broad audience, or refining your market? Should users be moderated or unmoderated? There are plenty of benefits in testing both quantitative data and qualitative data. The question you need to answer is, which form of […]

Strategies: Refining And Customising Your Data

by Sarah Newport • October 24, 2017

By now you should have successfully implemented a user test and transformed your data into valuable insights. The next step is coming up with key recommendations and strategies from the data you have gathered. Setting up strategies Your insights have, no doubt, given you more of a holistic view of your market. Now, it’s time to […]

People Getting Insights from Others

Turning Data Into Insights

by Sarah Newport • October 17, 2017

User testing has become ubiquitous for organisations that are aiming to improve their customer experience. To obtain the greatest value from user tests, it’s important to understand your data and generate meaningful insights that can positively influence your product or service. Collecting your data The first step is collecting data that matters. This is derived […]