By now you should have successfully implemented a user test and transformed your data into valuable insights. The next step is coming up with key recommendations and strategies from the data you have gathered.

Setting up strategies

Your insights have, no doubt, given you more of a holistic view of your market. Now, it’s time to see what changes you can make to continue to improve. Take the information you have, sit down with your team and brainstorm

The key to brainstorming is continually challenging your ideas and concepts; ask why to everything. Never settle for anything less than great, because when the next user test comes around, you will be able to hear the impact your strategies have had.

Keeping up with changes

It’s crucial to know your industry. If a particular strategy has worked for one organisation, this does not mean it will be effective for yours. It’s important, and valuable, to always do your own research and collect your own data.

After all, industries are persistent shifters.

Keeping it real

Once you feel confident in your custom strategies, it’s time to implement them. Make sure your strategies are realistic, measurable and take validation into consideration. If a certain part of your strategy is performing poorly, you can always change it, implement it and then validate it.