User testing has become ubiquitous for organisations that are aiming to improve their customer experience. To obtain the greatest value from user tests, it’s important to understand your data and generate meaningful insights that can positively influence your product or service.

Collecting your data

The first step is collecting data that matters. This is derived from the old adage “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you’re analysing data from users that are not in your market, you will struggle to generate insights that are applicable to your organisation.

To collect data that matters, ensure you are sourcing information from individuals in your target market.

Effectively evaluating

Evaluating your data and determining the invaluable components is an essential step in generating insights. As previously stated, your data should be what ultimately matters to you and your organisation. Be picky with your data, only include parts that you believe will help you piece together key trends.

Throughout the evaluation process, the data you have collected will be able to be compared and contrasted to help you identify trends in your industry. By comparing your data against previous data collected, you can see how your market is shaping and how you can make the appropriate changes so your business accommodates this.

Generating insights

Once you have collected and analysed your data, you will then be able to visualise how consumers are interacting with your product or service.

From here, it’s time to sit down and think strategy.